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SAS M.E. can provide special solutions for all kinds of problem of any equipment, like special Air supply systems for cranes, greasing solution, lifting automation for production ways, handling systems and other half or full automated machineries and equipment.

All our systems are specific and fitted as per requirements of our clients. Example: SAS PLC controlled Air Container solution in 2x40 ft. container.

SAS M.E. Solutions

SAS Middle East overhauled and fully automate the Cement bunker crane with the highest standard of technique to increase the productivity 24/7 and safety to a maximum.

The crane can be monitor and controlled from existing Scada systems. The connectivity to the crane can be done over WIFI, Lan, and fiber optic.

The Scada system bring all information witch you require, like lifting’s per minute, how many tons per day, full status of crane, and much more.